Dental Mouthguards


Participating in sport can be exhilarating and beneficial, promoting physical fitness, teamwork and confidence, however it’s crucial to prioritize safety during sport. One essential aspect of sports safety is the use of a professionally fitted mouthguard.

The mouth is highly susceptible to trauma during contact sports. Impact to the face can result in various dental and facial injuries, ranging from chipped or broken teeth, tooth loss, soft tissue damage and even more severe injuries such as concussion or a broken jaw. These injuries can require extensive and costly treatments to restore the mouth’s function and appearance.

At Tendler Dental we believe in caring for smiles on and off the sports field. Our professionally custom fitted mouthguards are created from molds of the upper teeth ensuring even occlusal contact. This gives a superior fit, comfort and maximum protection.

Don’t compromise on your dental safety during sporting activities. Contact us to schedule an appointment for a mouthguard fitting and ensure your teeth are protected while you enjoy your chosen sports.

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