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Dental Restorations

Dental restorations or fillings are the most common, ways to stop decay and restore damaged teeth. Through this procedure, a decayed or damaged/broken tooth can be restored, and the function and structure of the tooth can be preserved.

Procedure for mouth fillings

The restoration procedure is conducted usually under local anaesthesia. The tooth is prepared using specific tools, then shaped prior placement of the filling to ensure the restoration is functional and durable.

There are different types of fillings available – gold, silver, and composite resin. At Tendler Dental we offer amalgam free dental fillings which are safe, strong and aesthetically pleasing.

Our dentists will advise you of different dental filling options. The filling option varies depending on the size of the cavity, the tooth being treated etc. Once the filling is done, the tooth will be polished, and your bite checked to ensure your new filling is comfortable and functional.

After the treatment is completed, if you have had an anaesthetic, we recommend you chew on the opposite side until your numb feeling disappears, usually within a few hours.

Remember to clean your mouth and teeth thoroughly after eating chewy or sugary food – it can get stuck to the teeth, and also fillings. Fillings can also stain just like natural teeth so reducing coffee, tea, wine etc. and following regular cleaning regime will help maintain good oral health.

Dental Restoration Hawthorn East

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