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Teeth Whitening

Tendler Dental can provide you with the bright smile you’ve always wanted for just $350 Take Home, and ZOOM in-chair teeth whitening for $750

If your teeth have discoloured, you can bring back the sparkle and brightness with Teeth Whitening. It is natural for teeth to lose their sheen and discolour with age. Teeth whitening is a simple procedure that can give you a bright white smile.

There are over the counter products available to whiten your teeth, but for reliable results it is always better to get it done at a dental clinic by a professional clinician.

What is involved in the Teeth Whitening procedure?

There are two types of discoloration – extrinsic and intrinsic. The treatment options are also different for each type.


Extrinsic discolouration is seen where teeth are stained because of food and drinks such as coffee, tea, wine etc. Smoking is also another main reason for extrinsic discoloration of teeth. The stain is on the external part of the tooth.


Stains develop from inside the teeth when you have had dental problems, like cavities or root canal treatment. This is called intrinsic staining.
In cases where the tooth has darkened after a root canal treatment or trauma, internal bleaching material can be applied inside of the tooth. If the intrinsic staining cannot be removed by internal bleach, in some cases you may also consider other treatment options like veneers or crowns.
Luckily, most staining is extrinsic and can be completely removed at the dental clinic.

The procedures

Take Home Option.

 Impressions are taken of your teeth and small clear custom-made trays are constructed to fit over your teeth. The dentist will give you thorough instructions on how to bleach your teeth at home with your new trays. Adequate bleach gel and written instructions are given to you to take home. Over the next 10-14 days for approx. 1-2 hrs daily you can bleach your teeth at your discretion. You are in total control of the process. Patients may experience slight sensitivity. The dentist will supply you with desensitising paste to use in your trays if need be. Bleach refills are available at the surgery if you ever need a ‘top up’ after your initial bleaching.

In Chair Whitening- ZOOM

In chair whitening involves application of professional whitening agent directly onto the teeth, in the dental chair. Results are typically achieved within 60-90 mins. If you do need teeth whitening, remember it’s a quick procedure that can be performed during your lunch hour. Fix an appointment with us and you can walk out with a gorgeous white smile that will turn heads

Causes of Stains

Some of the common causes for stains are drinking coffee, tea, red wine, or cola. Some mouthwashes can also cause staining over time. Pigments present in these products can affect the dental enamel and stain them. Teeth have the ability to take on the stains.

Tobacco usage by smoking is also another prominent reason. Chemicals like nicotine cause very stubborn stains on the teeth. Aging and trauma caused to the oral region are also known to cause staining of teeth.

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