Yes, You Can Have Your Chocolate and Eat it Too!

It’s almost impossible to avoid all chocolate at this time of year, but the good news is that you can indulge in a few Easter treats without damaging your teeth. Follow our simple tips to protect you and your family’s smile. Choose Chocolate

Although high in sugar, chocolate isn’t as bad as other sweet and sticky treats that adhere to your tooth surfaces for hours on end. In fact, chocolate melts very quickly, so it leaves far less residue over your teeth compared with other sweets.

Choose When You Eat Chocolate Carefully

It’s bad news for your teeth if you snack on chocolate right throughout the day. The more frequently you eat chocolate or other sugary treats, the longer your teeth are exposed to harmful cavity-causing acids. Instead, enjoy your chocolate as part of the main meal.

Rinse but Don’t Brush Straightaway After Eating

When you have had something sweet, rinse your mouth with plain water but resist the temptation to brush for at least half an hour afterwards. Initially, your tooth enamel is softer and will be more easily damaged by brushing, but as pH levels normalise, your tooth enamel gradually re-hardens.

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