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Pain at the rear of the mouth? Your wisdom teeth may be erupting improperly.

You Don't Need to Put Up with Wisdom Teeth Pain

We understand your concerns. Whether it's the cost, inconvenience, fear of pain or anxiety, we will do our best to ensure the entire experience is as painless as possible.

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Meet Your Dental Surgeon

Dr Jaclyn Wong

Dental Surgeon - MBBS, BDSc (Hons), Post Grad Dip Surg Anat

Dr Jaclyn Wong has a special interest in oral surgery having completed both medical and dental degrees at the University of Melbourne. After completing her medical degree, Jaclyn trained for 3 years in general and specialty surgery with the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons. During this time, she developed a keen interest in oral and maxillofacial surgery, in particular Orthognathic and trauma surgery.

After completing a post graduate diploma in Surgical Anatomy, Dr Jaclyn Wong returned to Melbourne University to complete a dental degree. She graduated with Honours in Dentistry and worked as a registrar in the field of oral and maxillofacial surgery for six years at The Royal Melbourne Hospital, Royal Dental Hospital and Austin Hospital.

Dr Jaclyn Wong now sub-specialises in wisdom teeth and complex extractions and advanced implant rehabilitations. She has trained in the field of All on 4 surgery with the Malo team for over 10 years. She offers treatment under local and general anaesthetic at Tendler dental and accredited private hospitals respectively.

With both a medical and dental background, patients will be provided with a thorough and individual treatment plan.

Dr Wong is passionate about food/wine, truffles, skiing and her adorable Akita, Mochi.


Why Choose Us

17 Years Medical and Dental Experience

Medical and Dental Degrees Graduate with Honours

Multidisciplinary Approach in Dental & Facial Aesthetics

Multi-lingual Speaker (English and Mandarin)

The following are some of the common signs that indicate you may have a problem with your wisdom teeth.

Pain in the mouth: You may notice the pain increasing, especially on opening wide. There may be inflammation, swelling, bad breath, and an awful taste in your mouth.

Impacted tooth: Another issue relating to wisdom teeth is impaction. The teeth are blocked from erupting by the neighbouring teeth or the jaw bone. The pain associated may move to the neck and jaw, and it sometimes even affects general health also.

If you do not have your wisdom teeth removed, especially if they have caused some trouble to you in the past, then they are likely to lead to a bacterial infection called pericoronitis or an abscess. Meanwhile, a buried wisdom tooth can lead to the development of a cyst, which can damage bone and gum tissue. These conditions are damaging and are painful and can require emergency hospitalisation. Wisdom teeth can also cause your previously straight teeth to become crooked, especially after orthodontic work (braces).

Why suffer in pain if you can have an

Affordable solutions for your wisdom teeth removal?

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