Why You Should Consider Eating Those Treats

Good dental health and overall health is a lifelong commitment and overindulging on Halloween won’t undo all the good work you might have put in for months or years. Choosing to eat sweets occasionally isn’t bad, and it’s important to look at the bigger picture and decide when and if eating them is worthwhile.

Is the Experience Unique?
If a close relative or friend always makes a special cake or biscuits on Halloween, they are unique to that occasion and can provoke happy memories of previous years. If they are store-bought, it may not hold such importance.

Do You Want to Make Memories?
Life is made up of memories and time spent trick or treating with your children is precious. In a few years, you will all remember it was fun, and if you ate a few too many sweets, it probably made it more enjoyable at the time.

Is Food an Essential Part of the Experience?
Food isn’t always an essential part of the experience; for example, you can enjoy a haunted house or maze without eating sweets and bobbing for apples is a healthy way to celebrate Halloween. Eating too many sweets isn’t the end of the world, but please remember to brush and floss afterwards and book regular checkups here at Tendler Dental.

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