• Choose your dentist wisely- Many people who fear the dentist don’t have one. Instead of choosing someone randomly from the Yellow Pages, get a referral from a friend, family member or even the local dental society
  • Be up-front about your fears- When you make the appointment, tell the receptionist about your concerns, so the dentist and staff know to treat you with kid gloves.
  • Ask questions- Often, the anticipation is greater than the actual event. Don’t be nervous about asking your dentist questions ahead of time about any procedures. Knowledge empowers people and alleviates anxiety.
  • Find a distraction- What concerns you the most? The sound of the drill? The sight of the needle? Eliminate the sight, smell or sound with things like headphones or other sensory distractions. At Tendler Dental we can provide you with music while you receive your treatment to make your visit more pleasant.
  • Develop a signal with your dentist- Raise your hand, tug on your ear lobe, or find another way to communicate your needs when you can’t speak. You’ll feel more comfortable knowing you can stop a procedure at any time.

If you have any questions about how we can make your next trip to the dentist less stressful, contact us today to discuss your options.