Dental Health week falls during August, and we think the entire month is an excellent time to encourage people to focus on their teeth. It is an event that allows our dental team here at Tendler Dental to share our knowledge and to offer advice to the community through our patients. ”Awareness” is always a message Tendler Dental strives to portray to the community, and especially these three points.

  1. Oral hygiene awareness: it is a great time to refresh your brushing habits and to focus on technique rather than just habitually brushing without paying attention to your actions.
  2. Diet awareness: the amount of hidden ‘decay-causing’ sugars in food and drink is staggering, and acidic drinks can cause tooth enamel erosion.
  3. Oral habit awareness: many people will clench and grind their teeth, often because of lifestyle stresses. Clenching and grinding can soon become habitual, causing terrific damage to teeth. The habit can also cause painful facial muscles and jaw joints, and even headaches and earache.

If you are concerned about your dental health, please remember we are here to help you and are always willing to discuss your concerns, right throughout the year.