If the thought of spring cleaning your home doesn’t fill you with enthusiasm, why not spring clean your dental routine! We’ve listed a few quick tips to help you.

Replace Your Toothbrush
Can you remember when you last had a new toothbrush? If you can’t, it’s probably a bad sign as you need to replace your brush every three months or more frequently if the bristles look worn, or after being ill. Also, you should never share your toothbrush with anyone and make sure you rinse it thoroughly after use, storing upright so it can air-dry more quickly.

Try a New Dental Floss
We know lots of people struggle to floss each day, so why not try a new type of dental floss? For example, dental tape is great for tightly packed teeth as it slides in between them easily. Dental pics or interdental brushes are a good solution if you struggle using conventional dental floss.

Book Your Next Checkup and Hygiene Appointment
Spring and summer are often busy, so get organised now and book your family’s dental visits. Don’t forget, our hygienist can also help you perfect your oral care routine, providing advice on how to brush and floss more effectively, and dental cleaning will help your smile sparkle this spring.