Quick Tips to Reduce Your Child’s Dental Anxiety


We realise some children find going to the dentist a little scary and these quick tips will help to reduce their anxiety.

  1. Explain to your child very simply what to expect. You don’t need to go into any detail because our dentists are trained to answer questions in a way that is very straightforward and easy to understand.
  2. Practice dental visits with your child by sitting them in the “chair” and counting their teeth, holding a mirror to show how the dentist will examine their mouth. Brushing their dolls or stuffed animals’ teeth can also help.
  3. Don’t offer a reward for visiting the dentist because this will reinforce the idea that dental visits are a negative experience. Instead, offer lots of praise after the appointment.
  4. Explain why good oral hygiene is essential, and how a dentist will help keep their teeth healthy, so their smile looks great.
  5. Don’t talk about your own dental experiences with your child but instead keep the focus firmly on them. This will help build their confidence, so they feel less anxious about seeing the dentist.

Good dental care starts early, and we suggest scheduling an initial dental visit for your child around age 6 months.

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