Periodontal Disease

To cure periodontal disease, or to control it:

  • Excellent oral hygiene must be maintained everyday
  • Bleeding from the gums caused by periodontal disease must be
    reduced or stopped
  • Plaque and calculus on teeth must be treated
  • Gum pockets surrounding the teeth must be treated

As gum diseases tend to recur, maintenance therapy will follow periodontal treatment. Gum diseases can be prevented by taking good care of your teeth and having regular dental check-ups.

If the gums have responded well and oral hygiene has been good, a program will be implemented to maintain oral health. If the gums have not healed well, and there are still signs of disease, antibiotics may need to be prescribed. In severe cases, periodontal surgery may be required. If treatment is not done, the risk is that gum disease may get worse, leading to tooth loss.