Payment Plan with MiFund

My Health, My Life, My Terms


  • Simple and Quick Application
  • $0 Deposit
  • First 12 Months Interest Fee
  • For Amounts $2,000 to $30,000
  • Easy Monthly or Fortnightly Direct Debits

To apply for a MiLoan simply ask at reception today or CALL MIFUND ON 1300 700 188

Here at Tendler Dental, we want to ensure our patients can always receive the treatments they need or desire, without worrying about the cost. Even private insurance can leave you with out-of-pocket expenses and delaying necessary dental care can be detrimental to your oral and potentially to your overall health. To ensure paying for treatments is easier and more accessible, we have partnered with MiFund, a secure online payment scheme ensuring you can receive your treatment now and can spread the cost over time.

With MiFund, you can apply for MiLoan, selecting a plan that is right for you, with terms from 13 months up to 36 months. The first 12 months are interest-free, with interest rates of 13.5% for years 2 and 3, equating to an affordable 8.82% over the three-year term. There is a low monthly account-keeping fee of $7.95. Best of all, it is quick to apply, and you do not need a deposit. Repayments are made via Direct Debit, and you can choose to pay monthly or fortnightly, whichever fits in best with your finances.

Ask our dental team for information about this flexible payment solution.

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