Let’s Talk About Seasonal Allergies and Your Oral Health

Spring is the beginning of allergy season for many, while other people will battle year-round allergies like dust and mould. Allergies can cause miserable side-effects, but did you know they can also affect oral health? Let’s take a look at how and what you can do to cope.

When you have allergies, your sinuses can become congested and swollen and will push down on your upper back teeth, causing toothache. Try taking antihistamines to relieve the symptoms, but if you still have a toothache then come and see us, in case you do have a tooth infection.

Dry Mouth
When your nose is blocked, and you are forced to breathe through your mouth, it can quickly dry it out. Insufficient saliva can increase the risk of dental problems like cavities and gum disease. Also, some antihistamines will cause this side-effect. Make sure you drink plenty of water to combat these side-effects and be sure to brush and floss your teeth regularly.

Sore Throat
Allergies can cause an irritated and sore throat and bad breath. Try gargling with salt water as this can help to draw some of the mucus out of your sinuses, relieving symptoms and reducing harmful bacteria in your mouth.

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