Enjoy a Healthier Halloween With These Easy Tips

Halloween is the one time of year when many children get to eat all the sweets they want, but one expert calculated a child could consume as many as 29,000 kJ in a single day. However, it is just one day a year, and usually there’s nothing wrong with letting children eat a small amount of Halloween sweets on the night, but there are a few tricks you can use to ensure they enjoy treats in moderation.

Give Them a Healthy Meal before Trick or Treating
Filling your kid up with healthy foods before trick or treating leaves less room for sweet treats. You can find recipes for healthy Halloween-themed foods on the Internet, so this meal is anything but boring.

Give Non-Sugary Treats or Toys
Get together with other parents and focus on giving kids healthy treats that are sugar-free. Cheddar cheese crackers, pretzels or pencils, crayons and stickers and glow sticks are all-popular and can be more fun than sweets to collect.

Keep Favorites’ and Donate the Rest
After Halloween, sort through the treats with your child and save their favorites’ and donate the rest. Alternatively, freeze leftovers, so they are out of sight and mind.

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