Our regular patients will know we are a family-oriented practice and we warmly welcome patients of all ages, and especially young children. Teaching kids about the importance of dental care is enormously important, and we work with families to educate children in ways that are fun and engaging. We certainly don’t think tooth care should ever be boring!

There are lots of ways we can do this, and we can show children how to brush and floss their teeth and explain why this will help them to have a lovely, healthy smile. Other ways use toothy activity worksheets. One we are particularly fond of is our Tooth Parts sheet.

Naming Tooth Parts

The sheet teaches children about the structure or anatomy of a tooth, getting them to learn and name the different tooth parts. It is a fun activity, but it also has a serious side. Understanding how a tooth is formed helps us to teach children how common dental diseases like tooth decay can develop. When kids learn why teeth can get cavities, they become more aware of how to avoid them and how they can avoid dental fillings. We often find parents learn something new too!