Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening Services Melbourne

Tendler Dental can provide you with the bright smile you’ve always wanted for just $199* and ZOOM in-chair teeth whitening from $594


After customised trays – similar to a mouthguard – are molded by Tendler Dental, it’s simply a matter of applying the whitening gel and wearing the mouthguard either overnight or for half an hour during the day. In-chair tooth whitening is also available.

Tendler Dental’s teeth whitening treatments produce considerably whiter teeth after the first week and treatment should be complete after around 6-7 days. With the teeth whitening mouthguard, patients are afforded the luxury of future maintenance whitening if required or a quick touch-up to look their best before a night out, wedding or significant event.

The teeth whitening treatment available at Tendler Dental Clinic achieves long-lasting results, looks natural, is highly recommended by trained dental care professionals.

ZOOM Whitespeed in-chair teeth whitening

At Tendler Dental we also have available the latest in Zoom Whitening technology to achieve a bright, white smile in just 2 hours - Read more about ZOOM Whitespeed in-chair teeth whitening.

For more information on affordable teeth whitening solutions including ZOOM in-chair whitening, sleep apnoea treatments, dental implants or any of Tendler Dental’s services please call 03 9822 9766 or click here.