In-Chair Teeth Whitening


Tendler Dental can provide you with the bright smile you’ve always wanted.

Zoom - Whitespeed

At Tendler Dental we use the latest in Zoom Whitening technology (WhiteSpeed Whitening LED Accelerator) to achieve a bright, white smile in less than an hour and a half. Our hygienist, Nicole, will take you through your session and is happy to chat with you and answer any questions prior to your session. We are committed to ensuring you are well informed of the treatment, know what to expect and are comfortable throughout your treatment.

Many, but not all people, are good candidates for Zoom In-chair tooth whitening, so it is best to book a short consult where we can look at your teeth and discuss whether Zoom is the most suitable whitening method for you. Unfortunately, Zoom Whitening will not bleach deep, developmental stains or bonded/restored teeth.

Zoom In-chair bleaching uses specialised whitening gel containing hydrogen peroxide activated by the Zoom LED light accelerator. The treatment is separated into 3-4 consecutive, 15 minute periods. At each interval, fresh whitening gel is applied for the next 15 min activation.

The Zoom Whitening Gel’s active ingredient is hydrogen peroxide. As the hydrogen peroxide is broken down, oxygen enters the enamel and dentine, bleaching coloured substances white, but leaving the structure of the tooth unchanged. The Zoom WhiteSpeed light aids in activating the hydrogen peroxide and helps it penetrate the surface of the tooth.

In preparation for the treatment we isolate and protect the gums and lips with cotton gauze and a setting gel around the teeth margins. The teeth are conditioned with a pre-treatment gel before the first session and after the last session to reduce the chance of sensitivity to air and cold.

Maximum light intensity will achieve optimal whitening of the enamel. However, the WhiteSpeed LED intensity can be reduced during the sessions, if necessary, without stopping the bleaching process. This ensures that a great result will be achieved regardless of a reduced intensity.

For an extra cost, your session can include the moulding and formulation of take-home whitening trays and a small tube of take-home bleach, for use over the next year and a half. This can be used if the client feels they’d like to touch-up or brighten their shade again.

A tube of remineralising / desensitising cream is included in the in-chair whitening cost, to lock in and hold your new shade post- treatment. Use of all take-home product will be explained further, at your appointment.

In-chair bleaching can cause short-term tooth sensitivity. However with adequate post-operative care this will usually be mild, last less than a day and pale in comparison to the improvement in your smile and your increase in confidence.

Results will vary between individuals. Just like we have different natural shades of skin, we have different natural shades of enamel and one person’s teeth may whiten a little more than the next.

Results will last varied times and depend on food and drink intake, smoking and tooth care. Most clients however, remain ‘Zoom white’ for 6-12 months without feeling the need to touch-up their colour.

ZOOM in-chair teeth whitening from $494 per person.

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